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Care of your furnishings
Wood is a natural, living product and will continue to behave as an organic material despite a rigorous manufacturing / finishing process of drying and seasoning. It may move, develop hairline cracks and have surface irregularities and color variations which are all an integral part of real wood. Though we make every effort to achieve the highest standards of production with all John Kelly Furnishings, please note that we do not accept responsibility for such inconsistencies or consider them to be a fault in the quality of manufacturing or materials.
We have tried many different finishes in an effort to come up with something that provides a heat and moisture resistant surface for all John Kelly Furnishings, as well as enhancing rather than covering the natural qualities of the cherry. We use an ultraviolet, matte lacquer finish that completely seals the wood, and allows it to adapt to a wide range of climates and changes in humidity. Each piece is sprayed with six coats of sealer, three coats of matte lacquer, and then hand rubbed with one coat of paste wax by Gamble & Sons. The wax helps to protect the surface as well as giving the furniture a nice sheen. This layering of finishes creates a sturdy, non-toxic finish that allows the furnishings to develop a natural patina over time through exposure to air and sunlight.
Modern heating and air conditioning methods often produce an excessively dry atmosphere. We therefore strongly recommend that the following precautions be taken:
  1. A well-regulated room temperature of 62-66 degrees Fahrenheit with constant humidity;
  2. Never expose the furniture to a direct source of heat or sunlight;
  3. The use of humidifiers in rooms which are dry;
All John Kelly Furnishings should be cared for by regular waxing, once upon receipt and approximately every six months thereafter. Dust should be thoroughly removed before the application of any wax, with a damp cotton cloth (or cheesecloth) and/or a commercially available product (such as Guardsman Polish). Utilizing a soft, cotton cloth (or cheesecloth) and Gamble & Son's spray, liquid, or paste wax, apply the wax sparingly to the cloth first, and then to the surface of the furnishing. For easier and even application, we recommend that you warm the cloth beforehand by placing it in a clothes dryer. Allow the wax to set-up [10 - 15 minutes] and then buff and polish thoroughly, in a circular motion, to ensure all surplus wax is removed; otherwise an unsightly, smeary build-up of wax may occur.
Marks and surface scratches can easily be removed by using Gamble & Son's paste wax and #0000 super fine steel wool. Simply apply the paste wax with the steel wool, by rubbing it in, and going with the grain of the wood. Again, allow the wax to set-up [10 - 15 minutes] and then buff and polish thoroughly, in a circular motion, to ensure all surplus wax is removed. ▫ 888 Broadway, 5th Floor  NYC 10003 ▫ (800) 291-1301