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For Immediate Release

The design department at John Kelly Furniture in association with Koda, a Singaporean based manufacturer, has been busy developing their new Level Series a modular, straight-lined collection of bedroom, dining, living and home office furnishings, made of bamboo veneer on strawboard; with solid, compressed bamboo components

The goal of the Level Collection is to offer the end consumer a wide range of “environmentally responsible” choices and possibilities at an affordable price point.  Moreover, it was to design and produce a line of furniture which is smartly designed; made from sustainable materials; manufactured efficiently; and packaged responsibly.

Level stands for: L Lighten your environmental footprint  
  E Encourage sustainable materials in design  
  V Visualize a new aesthetic and way of living  
  E Emphasize responsible consumption  
  L Level your life and learn to love the world  

Our purpose was to level the environmental constraints of producing furniture, with the actual demand of consumer consumption in the modern world.  This is what we mean by lightening your environmental footprint; encouraging sustainable materials in design; visualizing a new aesthetic and way of living; and emphasizing responsible consumption.

We have addressed our goals and purpose in this manner:

1)  The Level Series is comprised of thirty-four (30) standard component parts; which combine to create twenty (24) standard furnishings.  By designing in a modular fashion, where component parts are ambidextrous and can combine in several configurations enabling the production of different furnishings, the Level Collection is “smartly designed” to give the end consumer many choices to fit their needs, while allowing the factory to maximize its’ manufacturing efficiencies.

2)  All Level Series furnishings are made of bamboo veneer on a strawboard substrate, with compressed bamboo components.  Bamboo is not wood, but rather a type of grass; it is a sustainable resource that regenerates very quickly; and it grows in many diverse climates throughout the world.  The strawboard substrate is made of recycled materials and contains no formaldehyde.  All finishes for the Level Series are water based, and are not harmful to the environment or the consumer.

3)  The Level Series is an environmentally correct solution to furnishing your home that offers a variety of possibilities in a responsible way.  Level your life and learn to love the world.

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