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Company J1 Series K2 Series N(nu) Zeta Tau Alpha Tranquility Rho Kisho
Terms and Shipping
Ordering: Either in person or by telephone, ordering from John Kelly Furniture is easy. By speaking with you we are able to discuss your needs and the options that are available, as well as answer any questions.  We will confirm the total cost of your purchase, sales tax if applicable [NY state residents], and shipping charges when you place your order.
Payment: We accept personal and business checks, American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Payment in full must accompany all orders.
Shipping & Delivery: We base our shipping charges on the specific destination and cubic volume of your order. This method ensures that you are paying for the delivery of your furnishings, and not subsidizing another customer's shipping rate.  All furnishings are shipped FOB from our warehouse in Oceanside, New York; via Plycon Van Lines, Boston Truck Company, MGM Transport, Watkins Shepard Transport, DHL Danzas, Federal Express, or United Parcel Service. All merchandise is delivered to your door, and is insured for its full replacement value. Customer pick-up can also be arranged from our warehouse, although please note that NY state sales tax is applicable.
Cancellation Policy: When ordering, please select carefully as there are no cancellations or returns.  All sales are final.  Returns for credit only.  All returns subject to a 20% restocking fee.  Prices are subject to change without prior notification.
Warranty:  John Kelly Furniture Design does not warrant grain, color, texture or any other variations that are characteristic of wood and wood products.  These are natural markings and cannot be controlled. Wood is a natural, living product and will continue to behave as an organic material despite a rigorous manufacturing / finishing process of drying and seasoning.  It may move, develop hairline cracks and have surface irregularities and color variations which are all an integral part of real wood.  Though we make every effort to achieve the highest standards of production with our furnishings, please note that we do not accept responsibility for such inconsistencies or consider them to be a fault in the quality of manufacturing or materials.
Intellectual Property:  John Kelly Furniture Design reserves all rights to all furnishings it designs and produces.  It is company policy to apply for design patents and copyrights on all designs, and to vigorously protect all intellectual property owned by John Kelly Furniture Design against infringement and misuse.  Accordingly, no furnishing may be reproduced, in any form or material, without the prior permission of John Kelly Furniture Design.  John Kelly Furniture Design reserves the right to make changes in design and construction or discontinue products without prior notification.
We are open everyday, 11AM - 7PM. To place an order or for the nearest representative, please call us at 800-291-1301, e-mail:, or request via form.
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