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What's New for 2010

Introducing our Rho Series, a collection of contemporary furnishings that is the perfect high-tech solution for any outdoor space. Available in ten (10) different colors, the Rho Series offers endless possibilities to create colorful combinations, or the opportunity to be minimal and blend with the natural tones of a specific area.

Rho translates as creative female power; and means fruitfulness, vegetative growth, adaptability and fluidity. Inspired by its name, our Rho Series Furnishings are composed of graceful curves, and delicate angles to insure comfort and repose in any outdoor environment.

Constructed of powder coated aluminum, PVC coated polyester fabric, and high impact polystyrene ROM (a recyclable outdoor material that is a perfect substitute for genuine wood), the Rho Series Furnishings are appropriate for any exterior residential, commercial or contract applications.

Custom colors available upon request, with requisite minimum quantities.


All Rho Series Furnishing are constructed with powder coated aluminum frames that are light-weight with a high degree of rigidity. Available in a wide range of colors, they are resistant to corrosion and UV rays; and are recyclable and ecologically safe.

We use only high quality PVC coated polyester fabric, which is breathable, light-weight and flexible. Available in a wide range of colors, our fabric is resistant to corrosion, UV rays and micro-organisms. We also offer both padded and un-padded seats and backs for all Rho Series Furnishings. Please ask for details.

For table tops and more high impact surfaces, we use ROM [Recyclable Outdoor Material]. It is a perfect substitute for genuine wood, made of high impact polystyrene [HIPS]. Available in several colors, ROM is strong and durable, resistant to corrosion and UV rays; and is recyclable and environmental friendly.

All Rho Series Furnishings are virtually maintenance free; however, they may be cleaned with hot soapy water and a soft abrasive.

Enjoy your new Rho Series Furnishings, you are going to have them for a long, long time! ▫ 888 Broadway, 5th Floor  NYC 10003 ▫ (800) 291-1301